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      Silo / Silo plants


      Grain silos used for storing and maintaining a healthy grain of all kinds, over a long period of time.  The variable composition of different sizes form a complete silo plant in the smallest space allow a maximum storage capacity of various grains.  By using high-performance filling and emptying systems, this design offers also an excellent handling as a grain terminal.


      They are produced on CNC-controlled precision machines and used to come only high quality galvanized steel.  Outer stiffeners  provide stability and durability.  Roof reinforcements ensure seamless inclusion of additional loads, such as catwalks, conveyors and roof fans.


      Grain silos find application in farming for storage, trading in the country and in industrial plant.  Large silos, to become a total capacity of more than 50,000 tonnes installed in stevedoring industry and in the grain processing industry.  Receiption and discharge capacities between 100 - 400 t / h, ensure rapid flow of the material.

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