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      Upwards 200 years milling constructions by Ruberg.....

      Arise of milling constructions was a sawmill.

      In civil status certificates and in the governmental archives of North Rhine-Westphalia in the city of Detmold, the name Ruhberg/Ruberg is involved with mill constructions since 1785. Primal this trade was practised on site, that means, foreman and journeymen constructed mill wheels and milling gears in the building. Technology and infrastructure then made it possible to begin an industrial manufacturing in Nieheim which developed to the actual milling constructions. By the royal government of Minden, Cristian Ruberg conferd a title  of millwright master on 16.06.1856 . Direct descendants worked in the  company as masters or engineers and enlarged the company to its actual size.

      Franz Ruberg, born in 1843 in Paderborn and died 1915 in Nieheim, installed in former times water wheels and malt mills in smaller watermills. Following, Franz Ruberg was leader of the company since 1954. During this time, grain mills were produced partially were driven by waterpower. 1954 Franz Ruberg died and his son, Hermann Ruberg, borrow the company. After the so called mill die-off, in the 60 th., Hermann Ruberg began to deal with grain receipt and grain conditioning in small grain silos. He bsold smaller an medium silo plants all over Germany. Hermann Ruberg died in 1981. His son, Alfred Ruberg borrow the company. Alfred Ruberg also enlarged the company and employs apprx. 70 employees. Meanwhile we plan and assemble grain storage plants all over Germany and in foreign European countries. Another pillar is our construction on biomass power stations, timer recycling and the recycling of waste timber. Alfred Ruberg administrates the company together with his son Christian Ruberg.

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