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      We develop and plan customized solutions for single machines and complete plants which meet your requirements. We support you on conception and creation on R & I flow charts, Complete plant layouts and full documentation. Therefore, we are working with modernist CAD and computer technologies. Our constructors, planers and project leaders have much experience and a high level autonomy of decision, so it will become reality to work together in an uncomplicated way.


      Our production, with mainly CNC driven machines, guarantee a maximum in precision and quality in technical design. Our high quality products will be strengthened by our skilled Employees and their interest in the products.

      Assembly / Erection:

      A well trained team of fitters ensures you an assembly of the machines without any problems. After handing over the plants, we will not leave you alone. We will offer you an all in after sales service.

      A perfect all in service, out of one hand!

      For the comprehensive ...

      planning and construction work, we use modernist computer technology.

      For production ...

      we work with modern laser cutting machines, for precise cutting of steel and V2A-sheets.

      Preassembled modules ...

      will be exactly fitted by our own spcialists to become a complete plant.

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