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      Assembling is a very important section for company Ruberg, with a decades-long experience. To work out an assembly concept, and an optimal scheduling, you will work together with our Qualified project leader and chief erector. Of course our fitters are equipped with all necessary erection equipments, as containers for office work , tools and anitary installations. Also all required assembling tools (jacks, chain tackle blocks, forklifts, aso) are standard configurations.

      We offer complete erections, retrofittings, extensions, optimizations and repairs for our own components, as well as for third-party products. Our customers are mills, concentrated feed production stations, grain industries, biomass power stations, bioethanol plants, rape oil plants, chipboard plants, furniture industry, car industry, concrete plants and residual timber processing (pellets). Of course we will assist you also after completion of the plant. We provide extensive consultation with full service and repair work, Assembling could be done by a contract for services/work or against a contract due to employee assignment. If we have a straightforwardness, we can agree price-fixing agreement or in time rate.

      Ruberg - professional services, you can construct with!

      Reference video: plant erection in Kiel / Germany

      » Reference video: plant erection in Kiel / Germany (36 MB)

      Assembling of ...

      belt conveyor bridge in a biomass heat and power station.

      Renovations of ...

      an aluminium oxide silo to a loading- and mixing silo for gluten


      Installation of a ...

      Pre-mounted grain hopper
      19,0 m x 3,0 m
      Capacity: 250 t/h

      Erection of ...

      grain receiption with drying and silo plant.
      Storage capacity 10.000 t
      Conveying capacity 150 t/h


      Erection of ...

      a silo plant in the harbour Hamburg/Germany
      Storage capacity 55.000 t
      Conveying capacity 300 t/h


      Assembling of ...

      a belt conveyor for grain storage in a flat store building


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