Conveyor Technology made by Franz Ruberg & Co. GmbH

Wherever raw materials, bulk goods, auxiliary or operating materials have to be transported over longer distances, conveying technology made by Franz Ruberg & Co. GmbH comes into action – in many industrial sectors worldwide.
Complex conveying systems require experience in the realisation of customer-specific requirements and needs. They mostly represent unique, individual custom productions. But nonetheless they have to enable an efficient and economical operation and at the same time be affordable. With this goal in mind and 150 years wealth of experience, we are geared to meet your challenges.


Wherever bulk goods have to be transported vertically, i.e. upwards, so-called bucket elevators in various executions come into use. They can bridge considerable heights of more than 100 meters and cover a performance range of up to 1,000 t/h


Trough Chain Conveyors

Trough chain conveyors (drag chain conveyors, chain conveyors, segment conveyors, round bottom conveyors) are available in a variety of executions. They offer a broad spectrum of application possibilities from goods intake all the way through to the goods discharge.
Conveying distances of more than 100 meters can be bridged, covering a performance range of up to 1,000 t/h. Trough chain conveyors are used in plant designs for virtually all horizontal conveying purposes.


Conveyor Belt Systems

Belt conveyors are ideally suited for the horizontal and inclined transport of goods over longer distances. Due to their light construction and the possibility of a continuous product discharge over the entire belt length, they are often used for the filling of warehouses or flat storage facilities. Distances of several 100 meters can be bridged. They have a performance range of up to 1,000 t/h.
Conveyor belts are characterized by minimum wear and low energy consumption. The open design makes maintenance works comfortable and easy.


Segment Conveyors

Segment conveyors transport goods gently and residue-free. They are used both for horizonal and inclined transport and are particularly suited for the transfer of pellets, feed stuff and seeds. Conveying distances of more than 100 meters can be covered with a performance range of up to 250 m³/h.


Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors transport goods horizontally, vertically or at an incline.
From moist products, to granular and floury raw materials, through to dough- and chocolate mass – screw conveyors can handle virtually any type of material.
Screw conveyors find frequent use in inclined conveying, where larger heights have to be bridged at shortest distances. Screw conveyors are also utilized for the emptying of silo bins and in the wetting, mixing and dosing process.