Industrial Sectors and Product Portfolio

We plan, build and supply systems and mechanical equipment for various industrial branches. Our services also include the complete installation and maintenane works. Conveying, storing and processing – Franz Ruberg & Co. GmbH offer a comprehensive range – from individual components to the complete plant. We design and build high performance plants, featuring cost-effective, efficient and long-lasting technology, naturally designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers and geared towards the demands of the future.

Grain Industry
Feed Industry
Food Industry
Bioethanol Plants
Rapseed Oil Plants
Biomass Power Stations

Conveying Technology

Elevators, trough chain conveyors, conveyor belt systems, screw conveyors, segment conveyors, chain conveyors, drag chain conveyors

Processing Technology

Cleaning machines, pre-cleaning machines, drum screening machines, disc screens, sorters

Milling Technology

Storage Technology

Automated flat storage facilities, silos, silo plants

Conservation Technology

Grain chillers, drying technology

Dedusting Technology

Filters, fans

Shut-off / Discharge Systems

Discharge machines

Intake Technology

Pit intake systems, loading systems, weighing systems, tilting platforms

Measuring and Control Technology

Dosing systems, mixing systems, plant control systems


Hoppers and bins

Valves, Gates and Pipe Systems

Square pipes, round pipes