Dedusting Technology

Safety regulations, pollution control acts and environmental requirements make the use of state-of-the-art filter and dedusting systems as well as high-performance fans compulsory in grain processing. Franz Ruberg & Co. GmbH offer effective solutions in this field, in compliance with all safety and environmental regulations.

Filter Systems

Jet Filter

Fully automatic, continuously operating, compressed-air cleaned hose filter in a
cylindrical housing with tangential infeed. Particularly suitable for the filtering of
air with a high dust content, under high pressure and temperature conditions as
well as for applications with strict requirements in terms of hygiene.
Execution ATEX-compliant.


Intake Pit Filters

The intake filter is a fully automatic, continuously operating, compressed-air cleaned hose filter, which is fitted in a rectangular housing. It was specially developed for the dust extraction in intake pits and can be integrated in virtually all existing and new plants due to its slim design.
Execution ATEX-compliant.