Solutions for the Grain Reception

Once the fields have been harvested in autumn, the valuable grain crop must be stored and processed very carefully, in order to optimally maintain its quality.

Franz Ruberg & Co. GmbH supply a variety of machines for the quality control and self-monitoring. Each plant must be individually and exactly tailored to suit the specific local conditions. Operators of large facilities transfer the grain into the silo plant via rail or truck, and from the silos onto cargo vessels and vice versa. Whereas in smaller facilities the grain is unloaded directly from the tractor of the local farmer into the mill.

The first step to a gentle storage is the grain intake:

  • Rail unloading and loading
  • Truck unloading and loading
  • Machine buildings fully equipped with intake technology (intake pit, tilting platforms, dosing, mixing and weighing systems)
  • Processing systems
  • Dedusting systems
  • Storage facilities

Franz Ruberg & Co. GmbH offer sturdy and reliable plant systems – tailored to your individual needs and requirements!

Storage Technology

Plants for the storage and further processing of grain or other bulk materials are used worldwide and are sought after all around the globe.
Franz Ruberg & Co. GmbH plan, design and install your high-capacity plant with the necessary intake and processing technology.

Silos and Plants

Natural products like grain or other free-flowing bulk materials are generally stored in silos and silo plants. Due to a low space requirement and low investment costs this type of storage offers a very favourable cost-performance ratio.
Grain silos are usually filled by trough chain conveyors through the silo roof. Silo storage also enables a quick discharge of the stored bulk material, if needed.

Planning, supply and installation, as well as maintenance and servicing – Franz Ruberg & Co. GmbH offer you everything from a single source.


Automated Storage Facilities

Flat storage systems are the preferred choice for the storage of bulk goods. Because grain, fertilizer, animal feed, granules or the like can be stored at low cost. The distribution of the stored goods is effected by an integrated conveyor belt system and distribution screws. Franz Ruberg & Co. GmbH also supply the perfect accessories for a perfect storage and cleaning management: conveying, cleaning, drying, cooling, etc. In view of the further processing, a contamination with harmful fungi or bacteria must be avoided.