Processing and Conservation


Grain crops like cereal, maize, oilseeds, barley, coffee, paddy rice, soybeans and the like must be harvested with utmost care and subsequently cleaned in order to ensure an optimum storage capability.
Cereals, for example, are an essential food. They have a high nutritional value and, providing optimal storage conditions, they can be stored for a very long time. To maintain the product quality and to prevent the development of any harmful substances or toxic fungi, the freshly harvested and moist product must be subsequently dried prior to storage. This is of particular importance, since unqualified drying may often lead to significant quality losses. Franz Ruberg & Co. GmbH offer you solutions for the drying of grain crops that are efficient, energy saving and gentle to the product.


Toxic fungi and harmful beetles may also threaten the crop, if the storage temperatures are too high. The cereals should then be cooled down to at least 10 – 12 °C. Here, Franz Ruberg & Co. GmbH can offer you special grain chiller units to safeguard a low-loss and healthy storage.


Prior to milling, dried and de-moisturized grain must be wetted with water again. The grain hull becomes more elastic and thus can be separated more easily.
The RUBERG wetting screw, featuring a capacity of up to 250 t/h and a mature electronic control system, shows optimal results and can significantly increase your operational yield. The stainless steel screw guarantees high operational reliability as well as low maintenance and cleaning requirements.
The vibration-free, dust-tight and low-noise operation are special features of this machine.